What is NuaDHA?

What is NuaDHA?

NuaDHA® is a food supplement with a highly purified concentrate of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a marine omega-3 fatty acid found in cold water fish. Together with EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), they are two of the most relevant omega-3 fatty acids for human health.  They cannot be produced by our body and we therefore depend entirely on our diet to acquire them. NuaDHA® is obtained from sustainable fisheries of Peruvian anchovy in the Pacific and offers one of the highest omega-3 contents of the international market (90%-93% per softgel) (ie. NuaDHA 1000 supplies 1.000 mg DHA/softgel).

All the range of NUA’s omega-3 products are produced as ‘triglycerides’*, which guarantees a maximum bioavalability.

*”NuaDHA® as triglyceride”: an adequate uptake of an omega-3 fatty acid requires for the fatty acid (ie. DHA) to be linked to a ‘vehicle’, resulting either in a triglyceride form (TG) or an ethyl-ester form (EE).  NUA uses the TG form, which is the most bioavailable of the two forms (30% more than the EE form). By deducting the weight of the ‘vehicle’, we would obtain the real amount of pure DHA supplied by a softgel (ie. NuaDHA 1000 supplies min. 1,120 mg DHA as TG which, in practice, supplies 1,050-1,100 mg of actual DHA). If you wish to know more about our Omega-3, you may download the technical dossier HERE.

NuaDHA® is a highly purified and concentrated form of DHA, an essential omega-3 for our wellbeing.

Differences between NuaDHA and other OMEGA-3

In a significant number of commercial omega-3 supplements, most of the softgel content is not omega-3 but ‘empty fats’ with no added value to our health. In NuaDHA®, practically the entire content of the softgel is omega-3, with hardly no ‘empty or spare fats’.  In NuaDHA 1000, one capsule contains 1000 mg of DHA. Therefore, 1 capsule of NuaDHA 1000 supplies an amount of DHA equivalent to 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or more softgels from other omega-3 commercial products, preventing the user from ingesting saturated fats, cholesterol and other components present in less purified fish oil sources commonly available in the market.

NuaDHA® is a highly purified and concentrated form of DHA, an essential omega-3 for our wellbeing.



NuaDHA 1000

(132 softgels and 30 softgels): 1 NuaDHA 1000 softgels supplies min. 1000 mg of pure DHA (triglyceride).

NuaDHA 500

(30 softgels): Lemon chewable format, ideal for children.


NuaDHA 400

(60 softgels): Nutritional dose of Omega-3 for all the family (smaller softgel)

You can buy NuaDHA in Pharmacies, Natural Health shops or through our online shop  NuaShop.

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