Nua Biological Innovations S.L. (‘NUA’) is a Spanish food supplement company founded in 2008.

NUA was the first company worldwide to develop and distribute highly purified and concentrated marine omega-3 fatty acids supplements. It was also the first one to separate EPA and DHA in different products. This led to the creation of NuaDHA® and NuaEPA®, two unique omega-3 supplements that can offer more than 1.000 mg of DHA or EPA per softgel.

In addition to becoming an expertise in the field of omega-3 fatty acids, NUA has also developed an in-depth knowledge into ‘antioxidants’. These two areas (omega-3 & antioxidants), have been the base for the development of new formulations.

NUA does not work with commodity products. All raw materials used in NUA’s formulations, always prioritize the use of unique and top quality ingredients (ie. maximum bioavailability, maximum strength), and are selected and acquired directly by NUA at source.

With regards to NUA’s omega-3 products, they are regularly submitted to the most rigorous, external and independent quality control system there is internationally (ie. 5 star IFOS).

All NUA’s formulations are developed in-house, following thorough preliminary research. NUA puts its own food supplements to the test, by carrying out clinical research projects with public and private Spanish medical institutions. Some studies have already been published in scientific journals.<

NUA’s formulations are manufactured in third party facilities, which work under GMPs standards (Good Manufacturing Practice). All productions are supported by strict analytical and microbiological controls

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