In NUA, the original fish oil is ‘cleaned’ from virtually all non-omega-3 fats, as they are of no interest to humans (ie. cholesterol, saturated fats etc.). By doing so, we obtain an oil which is very rich in EPA and DHA.

NuaEPA®1200 (min. 93% omega-3 per pearl)

NuaDHA®1000 (min. 90% omega-3 per pearl)

NUA was the first brand to separate DHA and EPA in different softgels

Contrary to what many people believe, it is not necessary to always take DHA and EPA together in the same softgel or at specific ratios. Each fatty acid has its unique properties and, depending on the needs, one can take just EPA, just DHA or both.

Therefore, we have separated DHA and EPA from the concentrated oil, and two different products have been obtained: NuaDHA® (only DHA) and NuaEPA® (only EPA).

By separating DHA and EPA in different softgels, we can provide ‘tailor made’ solutions to meet the specific needs of each individual.

NuaDHA® and NuaEPA® offer the highest concentration of DHA and EPA per Softgel ( 1 softgel NuaDHA® 1000 = 3,5,10,15, 20 o more softgels of other omega-3 products).


Based on most recent research, the maximum potential of DHA and EPA is expressed at doses of 1,000 mg or more a day (ie. 2,000 mg-3,000 mg). With Nuadha and Nuaepa it is possible to achieve effective omega-3 doses with just 1 or 2 softgels/day.