What is NuaEPA?

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What is NuaEPA?

NuaEPA® is a highly pure and concentrated EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) food supplement, a type of marine omega-3 fatty acid present in cold water fish. Together with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), they are two of the most relevant omega-3 fatty acids for human health.  They cannot be produced by our body and we therefore depend entirely on our diet to acquire them. NuaEPA is obtained from peruvian anchovy oil caught in the wild from sustainable fisheries and provides one of the most concentrated omega-3 supplements of the market (approx. 93% per softgel).

All the range of NUA’s omega-3 products are produced as ‘triglycerides’*, which guarantees a maximum bioavalability.

*EPA as triglyceride”: an adequate uptake of an omega-3 fatty acid requires for the fatty acid (ie. EPA) to be linked to a ‘vehicle’, resulting either in a triglyceride form (TG) or an ethyl-ester form (EE).  By deducting the weight of the ‘vehicle’, we would obtain the real amount of pure EPA supplied by a softgel.

Nua EPA es una forma altamente purificada y concentrada de EPA, un omega-3 esencial para nuestro bienestar.

Differences between NuaDHA and other OMEGA-3

NUA was the first laboratory to separate DHA and EPA in two different products. In this way, one may take one or both fatty acids, depending on the supplementation needs. In addition, this differentiation in two products makes it possible to work with higher doses (above 1 gram), which guarantees the efficacy of the dose used. Additionally, in most omega-3 commercial supplements, not all the content of the softgel is omega-3 but ‘empty fats’ of fish oil which provide no benefit to our body. In NuaEPA, almost the whole content of the softgel is omega-3 free of empty fats, since more than 93% of the content is omega-3.



NuaEPA 1200

(90 softgels and 30 softgels): 1 softgel of NuaEPA 1200 provides min. 1200 mg of pure EPA as triglyceride.

Puedes comprar Nua EPA en farmacias, parafarmacias, dietéticas y herbolarios, o bien a través de nuestra tienda online NuaShop.

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