What is NuaDHA Vision


What is NuaDHA Vision® / Nuantiox Vision®

NuaDHA Vision® is a food supplement intended to support visual health in adulthood. The combination of ingredients of the formulation is able to nourish and protect the different areas of the visual system where most of the problems that usually affect the adult’s occur *: retina, ocular surface and optic nerve.   *ie. Retina: AMD-Age Related Macular degeneration; visual surface: dry eye or corneal ulcers; optic nerve: glaucoma).
This supplement combines 2 sub-products:

  • Product A (30 capsules with a visual antioxidant formulation): includes all the antioxidants that the ARED2 study concluded were relevant for retinal health (ie. Vitamin C, E, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Zinc and Copper) reinforced with R-Lipoic acid and Taurine.
  • Product B (30 softgels of DHA-docosahexenoic acid): essential fatty acid for visual health, as more than 50% of the macular fat (central region of the retina responsible for a sharp and precise vision) is DHA. It is also important for the eye surface and optic nerve.
Product A in NuaDHA Vision (visual antioxidant) is available on its own in a product known as Nuantiox Vision®: (45 caps) and is intended for:

  • People who might already be taking NuaDHA 1000 or some other omega-3 supplement, that are only looking for an additional antioxidant support for their visual system.
  • People who wish to provide antioxidant power to their visual system and not interested in taking DHA.
  • People who already have an existing eye disease and for who the 1.000 mg of DHA provided by NuaDHA Vision® are insufficient. In these cases, it is often necessary to take between 2,000 to 3,000 mg of DHA a day, becoming more suitable to take both subproducts separately (NuaDHA 1000 format 132 softgels and Nuantiox Vision – 45 caps).