What is Nuaderma?


¿What is Nuaderma®?


NUADERMA®  is a food supplement designed to protect our skin from aging due to the passage of time and the sun (chrono and photoaging). Nuaderma® provides 11 ingredients (4 vitamins, 5 minerals and 2 botanical extracts), which as a whole are capable of influencing 3 aspects of our skin such as:


  • Help reduce expression wrinkles:

Noticeable in just 2 months, thanks to the ability of its ingredients to provide firmness and elasticity to the skin.

  • Oral photoprotection:

Protect our skin from sunburn ‘from within’ (complementing sunscreen creams). Nuaderma® improves the skin’s natural resistance to solar radiation, something that in practice implies that it takes longer to burn (‘turn red’) when exposed to the sun. This effect is especially important in people with very white skin, as well as people who are very exposed to the sun and therefore are more prone to skin lesions (ie. outdoor sports such as hiking, climbing, cycling, etc., jobs outdoors, as well as sun and beach baths).

  • Nourish the skin from ‘within’:

Nuaderma® can reach areas of the skin that creams cannot reach. Its effects are especially evident in people whose skins may be damaged by lesions of various kinds (ie. atopy, psoriasis etc.), although they are also patent in normal skins. Nuaderma® can be used during all seasons of the year and can practically be used by people of any age.

Nuaderma® está pensado para ser utilizado durante todas las estaciones del año y prácticamente puede ser usado por personas de cualquier edad.

Puedes comprar Nuaderma en farmacias, parafarmacias, dietéticas y herbolarios, o bien a través de nuestra tienda online NuaShop.

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