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Getting to know Reishi:

Both Reishinua caps and Reishinua bebible, have as common denominator feature which is the presence amongst their ingredients, of a dry extract (ES) based on the Asian reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum, known as ‘red reishi’). Within the Reishi mushroom, there are different molecular sub-fractions (ie. carbohydrates such as beta-glucans or lipids such as triterpenes), so that the sub-fractions that predominate in the extract in question, will be the ones that largely determine their benefits.

One of the main purposes of the proposed Reishinua formulations is to offer support in respiratory disorders (the improvement of defences is a more secondary aspect).

That is why, although the extract used has betaglucans (responsible for strengthening the ‘defences’), the reishi extract chosen puts a special emphasis on a different chemical fraction known as triterpenes (of interest in respiratory problems and allergies). That is why not all reishi products are the same and each product will have the ‘personality’ that has been granted on their conception based on the selected ingredients.

On the other hand, in the formulation of Reishinua bebible and Reishinua caps, high potency dry extracts have been used, in order to guarantee maximum effectiveness. A dry extract is capable of concentrating active ingredients of the original fresh plant, in much greater quantity than the fresh plant itself (in this case that of the fresh mushroom).

Other food supplements that can complement the use of Reishinua caps and Reishinua bebible.

It is important to note that in many respiratory conditions (allergic asthma, acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, COPD, …), there is an ‘inflammation’ of the lining that covers the respiratory ducts. That is why, when addressing this problem, it is very interesting to also consider providing active ingredients that contribute to reducing this inflammation. In this sense, EPA is an omega-3 fatty acid that can undoubtedly provide great added value (ie. NuaEPA1200).

By controlling the inflammation of the respiratory lining, respiratory cells can more readily absorb and take full advantage of active ingredients that one could give through a food supplement intended to reinforce the affected tissues and provide resistance against irritating environmental elements (ie., Reishinua bebible, Reishinua caps).

Reishinua: ingredients beyond Reishi

Beyond reishi, it is worth noting the importance of additional ingredients in the formulations which significantly contribute to the respiratory well-being.

Taking as an example Reishinua bebible, we observe that it contains a total of 14 ingredients. The Reishi extract is accompanied by a Perilla extract, a plant with well-known benefits in allergic processes, in addition to the Iceland moss, which helps to fluidize the mucus and thereby facilitate the elimination of excess mucus. This is very important in young children, where excessive mucus is often difficult to eliminate and may become ‘the breeding ground’ of future respiratory infections. But even more, as certain microorganisms (ie. bacteria and viruses) are especially prone to cause respiratory problems in climatologically unfavourable periods (ie. autumn and winter), it is interesting to also count on the antiseptic effect provided by the propolis contained within the formulation.

Beyond reishi, it is therefore worth highlighting the importance of additional ingredients which contribute to the respiratory wellbeing.

In addition, the Royal Jelly helps increase energy levels and open the appetite, which so often is reduced in children with respiratory problems.

On the other hand, vitamin D is a nutrient that is especially deficient in certain respiratory disorders (ie. asthma), while iron and zinc are the two most deficient minerals in the paediatric age, which are essential to support an adequate defensive system (‘immune’).

Reishinua caps, is a capsule format where the selected ingredients focus their benefits on offering support against allergic-based ailments (ie. rhinitis or allergic asthma) as well as in situations where low respiratory alterations are frequent (ie. in smokers, chronic bronchitis etc.).

Reishinua: working from the ‘ground’

It is important to understand that Reishinua supplements are not ‘rescue’ products for acute respiratory ailments and it is the classic pharmacopoeia that should play this role.

Within a ‘global’ approach, NUA’s Reishi supplements are aimed to improve ‘the respiratory’ area. That is, to strengthen the respiratory structures so that they are able to cope more successfully with any “challenge” that they might receive from the environment (ie. allergens or microorganisms). That is why after a month of taking the products at the indicated doses (see APPLICATIONS), it is possible to see a decrease in the frequency and intensity of respiratory relapses. This aspect is especially interesting in young children who are often the target of recurrent respiratory disturbances (ie. bronchiolitis, otitis etc. in day care centres).

It should be noted that Reishinua is compatible with traditional drugs (ie. antihistamines, antibiotics etc.). Taken in conjunction, the dose and frequency of the drugs can be reduced thanks to the reinforcement provided by the Reishinua formulations.

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