We permanently seek the excellence of our products through the use of formulations with unique raw materials, of maximum quality and safety.

The manufacturers of our oils are members of GOED (Global Organization for EPA & DHA), which guarantees the highest Quality standards of the oils used to elaborate our products.

In addition, in NUA we test all our omega-3 oils (NuaDHA and NuEPA) under the most strict Quality program worldwide, known as the 5 Star IFOS certification (International Fish Oils Standard). We are the only Spanish lab to hold this Quality mark.

The Quality requirements demanded by IFOS exceed those of other international organisations such as WHO (World Health Organisation) or CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition).

Every single batch produced is tested by IFOS in order to guarantee the absence of contaminants such as PCB’s, dioxins, furans as well as heavy metals (ie. mercury, lead, arsenic or cadmium). It also assesses the oxidative status of the oil (which relates to its stability) and demands the lowest possible values. In addition, it also measures the concentration of omega-3 in the product and certifies its compliance which the amount stated on the label (never less!).

Therefore, our omega-3 oils are characterized by:

  • Practically complete absence of heavy metals, PCBs, furans or dioxins guaranteed by IFOS.
  • No saturated or trans fatty acids
  • No cholesterol, Vitamina A or D
  • No GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • No fish protein
  • No lactose or gluten
  • No oxidation of the oils

Supercritical extraction of our Omega-3 oils

Our omega-3 are obtained from small fish (peruvian anchovy) caught in the wild from sustainable fisheries. The purification procedure used to produce our oils is based on a technique known as “Supercritical Liquid Extraction with CO2 followed by a second step known as supercritical chromatography. The result is that:

  • The oil is not subjected to high temperatures, as the whole procedure is non aggressive with the raw material.
  • No chemical solvents are used and therefore, the procedure is environmentally friendly.
  • The temperature and pressure conditions used are mild and therefore preserve the full potential of the oil.
  • The supercritical technology prevents the formation of isomers (unstable molecules) and the oxidation of the oil.

In summary, it is an innocuous extraction system for the oil that allows to preserve the maximum quality of the omega-3 molecules naturally present in the original oil.


All our products hold a Food Supplement European Registration as well as the National Code of the Pharmaceutical Spanish Institution, in compliance with EFSA requirements (European Food and Safety Authority)..

Our products are mainly sold throughout Spain (mainland Spain, Balearic and Canary Islands), through a wide distribution network in pharmacies and natural health shops as well as our online shop NuaShop.