NuaDerma: Aplications



Improves expression wrinkles

Oral photoprotection

For sensitive or damaged skin

Skin nutrition


Improve expression wrinkles

Nuaderma® helps to improve expression wrinkles. Its effects are quite evident after 2 months taking one capsule a day (“you notice it and they notice it”). The nutrients in the formulation are able to nourish the deepest layers of the skin (ie. dermis) giving it more firmness and elasticity. Nuaderma® is able to reach areas of the skin that many creams cannot.
Recommended dose:  1+0+0 (with food at breakfast).

After experiencing an improvement in expression wrinkles (approx. 2 months), a maintenance dose of 1 capsule every other day (with food) can be followed, with the exception of summer months, where it is necessary to take a daily capsule in order to provide adequate protection to the skin against the intense solar radiation of this season.


Oral Photoprotection

The ingredients of Nuaderma® are capable of delaying the burning of the skin by exposure to solar UVB in times where this radiation is especially intense (ie. summer). This effect is especially desirable in skin sensitive to solar radiation (ie. very white skin or with a tendency to have spots, lesions, etc.). The effect provided by Nuaderma® complements that provided by sunscreen creams. Recommended dose:  1+0+0 (with food at breakfast).


For sensitive or damaged skin

Certain skins, either because they are very clear or for other reasons, show a greater predisposition to present lesions of different types (ie. sunspots, pre-cancer lesions, etc.). In these cases, in addition to protecting the skin ‘from outside’ with a suitable sunscreen cream, it is also advisable to provide additional protection ‘from within’. Likewise, people suffering from certain chronic skin disorders (ie. psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, rosacea etc.), can show an improvement in the appearance of their skin when taking Nuaderma®. Recommended dose:  1+0+0 (with food at breakfast).


Skin nutrition

For any skin type, Nuaderma® ingredients are able to nourish the skin ‘from within’, becoming an ideal complement to creams commonly used to nourish and hydrate the skin ‘from outside’. Recommended dose:  1+0+0 (with food at breakfast).

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