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At a nutritional level


At the cardiovascular level


At the neurological level


At the skin level


At the sports level


Nutritional use

Hidroxinua®25 is an ideal supplement to our diet in people who do not eat fruits and vegetables regularly (main sources of antioxidants of our diet), as it provides a natural antioxidant effect which can neutralise many of the free radicals generated in our daily life (by solar radiation, contaminants, tobacco, drugs, stress or intense exercise). Recommended dose:  0+0+1 (with dinner).
A natural antioxidant can be taken on a regular basis in order to improve the cellular health throughout our body by fighting against an excessive free radical load.
As with other supplements, by increasing the dose, in addition to covering the nutritional antioxidant needs, the “extra” antioxidant strength is capable of achieving physiological effects in the body.

Cardiovascular uses

Hydroxytyrosol is very powerful in preventing the oxidation of what is known as ‘bad cholesterol’(LDL) **. An oxidized LDL becomes ‘sticky’ and easily adheres to the inner walls of blood vessels, contributing to the formation of ‘atheroma plaques’ (atherosclerosis). These plaques reduce the diameter of the blood vessels, thereby compromising blood flow, something that is especially noticeable in the most distant areas from the heart (ie. feet, hands and brain). Also, atheroma plaques are one of the main causes of numerous cardiovascular insults such as angina pectoris, myocardial infarction or stroke.
** This health claim has been backed by the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) since 2011.
Something important to keep in mind is that, taking substances that lower cholesterol (ie. statins, red rice yeast, phytosterols etc.), does not prevent cholesterol from ‘sticking’ to the walls of blood vessels. Therefore, when taking cholesterol reducing products, it is important that we also consider adding a ‘nonstick’ substance such as hydroxytyrosol. In the same way, those people with “normal cholesterol levels”, but who do not consume fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, are equally exposed to their LDL becoming oxidised and adhering to the blood vessels walls and therefore, in these cases, it is also advisable to take at least a daily softgel of Hidroxinua 25.

Recommended dose:  1+0+(1) (with breakfast and dinner ‘optional’).

Neurological use

An ideal support in people with neurodegenerative diseases (ie. Alzheimer, Parkinson…), epilepsy or concussion injuries. In these situations, there is a burst of free radical (RL) which are partly to blame for part of the damaged observed. Recommended dose:  1+0+1 (with breakfast and dinner).

Dermatological use

Several studies have shown that, certain skin disorders, are associated with high concentrations of free radicals (ie. psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, atopies etc.). In such cases, Hydroxytyrosol acts as a ‘free radical sweeper’, which makes it possible after only 2 months of taking the product, to see a clear improvement in the lesions. Recommended dose:  1+1+1 with meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Up to 2 softgels with dinner in cases of severe damage (1+1+2).
After 3 months taking the supplement, it is possible to move into a second phase intended to nourish the damaged skin by taking Nuaderma® (1 capsule/day with a meal during 2 months), and optionally, 1 softgel of Hidroxinua®25 can also be taken.

Sports use

Hydroxytyrosol improves cellular oxygenation. In practice, this results in an increased resistance to exercise and shorter recovery times. Recommended dose: 1+1+1 (with breakfast, lunch and dinner)
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