AndroNuaDHA: Aplications



Reinforcement of semen quality


Male Infertility


Pre-Assisted Reproduction Treatment (ART) Support


Cryopreservation of sperm samples


Reinforce sperm quality

Healthy men who are considering becoming parents and who want to take measures in advance, to improve the quality of their sperm. Especially interesting for couples who, after deciding to become parents, are experiencing more problems than expected to become pregnant.


Male infertility

For men who already have a problem with their sperm quality and are looking for an improvement.


Support in advance of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

The manipulations to which semen samples have to be subjected with the ART (ie. centrifugation), can often generate high loads of ‘free radicals’ (FR), unstable molecules that contribute to further damage of sperm cells, which in themselves, are not in the best of conditions. Free Radicals can even “fragment” the genetic material (DNA) of the sperm, further reducing its quality, and greatly compromising the chances of success of Reproduction Techniques. The scientific literature supports certain ingredients of the present formulation for their ability to improve the integrity of the sperm’s genetic material (reduce DNA fragmentation), something that assisted reproduction techniques can hardly improve.

Therefore, taking AndroNuaDHA® in advance of the planned treatment (minimum 1 month), will undoubtedly contribute to guaranteeing the best possible sperm quality to be used during the ART process (ie. IVF, intracytoplasmic injection etc.).


Criopreservation of sperm samples

For men who want to freeze their sperm, either because they want to postpone their paternity, because they will undergo aggressive medical treatment (ie. chemotherapy), because they want to be donors or any other reason. Taking AndroNuaDHA® improves the quality of semen, both in terms of its antioxidant power and the fatty composition of its sperm and the integrity of the genetic material to be transmitted, thereby contributing to a better sperm quality after thawing.

En todos los casos expuestos la Dosis recomendada sería:

1 cápsula del Preparado A al principio de la comida + 1 perla del Preparado B durante o tras la comida

Puedes comprar AndroNuaDHA en farmacias, parafarmacias, dietéticas y herbolarios, o bien a través de nuestra tienda online NuaShop.

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