About us



Nua Biological innovations S.L.

Nua Biological Innovations S.L.  (NUA) is a laboratory specialized in food supplements and an international leader in the development and marketing of highly purified and concentrated marine omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA).

Since our creation in 2008, we have focused on developing unique formulations for the market, based on continuous research and development. Our aim is to offer specific nutritional supplements with a high bioavailability and maximum effect.

Through numerous investigations, we have expanded our range of products beyond omega-3, always looking for innovative, specific formulations with a high added value.

Another feature that defines the philosophy of our laboratory, is our commitment to carry out clinical trials with our own products, always in collaboration with prestigious sanitary and research institutions that guarantee the quality of the studies undertaken.

Nuestra labor de investigación y desarrollo está orientada en ofrecer complementos nutricionales de fácil asimilación por nuestro organismo.